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Graduate School of Opto-Mechatronics and Materials
A Cradle for Technology Integration Experts
We welcome the worldwide students from various fields, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and materials science, who enjoy the multi-disciplines of engineering. By solving the practical problems from the industry, our students possess professional knowledge and problem-solving skill, and are hired as engineers by the high-tech companies, or enroll a Ph.D. program in national universities.
Outstanding Faculty
Our school has nine faculty members. We also have 19 supporting faculty members from departments of fire science, security technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. All our members have a Ph.D. degree from the worldwide prestigious universities such as the Penn State University, Cheng Kung University, Tsing Hua University, Texas Tech University, and University of Utah. They all have profound publications in SCI journals.
Pioneering Researches and Advanced Facilities
We emphasize on the fields of Energy Saving Technology and Energy Materials. The on-going research projects include Advanced Refrigeration, Energy Storage Device, Advanced Bearings, Green Manufacturing, Multi-Function Bio-Medical Materials, Solar Cells, Li Cells, Nano-Materials, and Waste Recycling Technology.
We have the most advanced facilities to support our researches. They include: Lithography room, PECVD/RIE System, Vacuum Thermal Evaporator, Mask Aligner, Micro-figure Measuring Instrument, RF Magnetron Sputtering System, HPLC, Scanning Probe Microscope, SEM, AFM, Thermal Differential Analyzer, X-ray Diffractometer, RF/DC Sputter, Hot Circulator Oven, Potentiostat/Galvanostat, Thin Film Measurement System, Variable Temperature Photoluminescence, Thermal Evaporator, CVD Furnaces, RDI Pure Water Machine, Deionized Water Generator, Themogravimetric¡VDifferential Scanning Calorimeter, PC-Cluster, Fire Dynamic Simulator, Multi-Physics Software, Opto-Mechanical Software, Moldex3D, and many CAE packages.